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SALES CONDITIONS (only applicable for professional purchases)


Our general sales conditions as well as our exceptional sales and delivery conditions are considered known and accepted by our clients as soon as an order has been created, even if they should be in contradiction with their own general or exceptional purchasing conditions. The clients' sales conditions are only binding when they have explicitely been accepted in writing. The acceptance can under no circumstance be deducted from the fact that we would have accepted the clients' sales condition without protest against the general or exceptional or any other conditions of the buyer. Any partner, employee, spouse or other member of the family of the buyer is supposed to have sufficient authority to order with us.


Except for specific contractual agreements our offers and pricelists are only provided for informational purposes. Our prices can change after in case fluctuations would occur in the price of energy, raw materials, remunerations or in one of the components of the cost of the products. This applies to goods provided in our institutions, costs, packing and taxes not included. The transport costs are at the expense of the customer.


The agreement will only be effective after confirmation by Backoffice Europe or at the start or the delivery. Our intermediaries, representatives and engineers have no right to close any sort of agreement for Backoffice Europe. Offers made by these individuals are always for information only.


Delivery deadlines are for informational purposes only. Except for specific agreements a delivery delay can under no circumstances be reason for payment of damages or the dissolution of the agreement. Backoffice Europe preserves the right to make partial deliveries.


Our goods are always considered as being sold, received and accepted in our offices. Except for specific agreements, the transport of the products is done at the risk of the customer. All possible remarks or complaints must be made to the carrier. The purchaser commits himself to pick up the ordered goods in our offices within five days from the moment that we have informed him that these are available.


Every complaint concerning provided goods must be transmitted to us by registered letter within five days after reception of goods, with reference to the number of the invoice or at lack to this, of the sending note. After this period the complaint will no longer be taken into account. Absolutely no return of goods will be accepted without a preceding agreement and as far as they are returned to us in good state and in their original packaging. A complaint concerning our invoices must be notified to us by registered letter within ten days after its reception. At lack of this they will be be accepted considered as without some reservation. A complaint can justify under no circumstances a suspension of the payment.


Given our position of agent the guarantee is limited to the guarantee granted by the manufacturer. We do not guarantee that the provided software or hardware answers to a specific problem own to the activity of the user. The guarantee is only pertaining to physical malfunctions of the equipment and our intervention is limited to the exchange of the defective parts.


In case of non delivery of the products the customer will be refunded without intrests or other remunerations.


The partial delivery of an order cannot justify the refusal to pay the provided goods. The payment of the invoices can never be subject to the installation or to the implementation of the equipment. We preserve the full property of the delivered goods untill the complete payment of the price, the taxes and the additions; The purchaser will inform us immediately by registered letter, and this under penalty of damages, of any seizure of the goods by a third party.


All our invoices are payable, net and without discount, in Antwerp latest on the due date mentioned on the invoice. Unless specifically mentioned on the invoice the total amount shall be payed within 30 days. The amount of each invoice which is not paid entirely on the due date is raised with a moratory interest right of 1.25% per month, where each started month is considered as being expired. Moreover a fixed compensation of 15% will be calculated for the additional disadvantages, administration - and other costs, calculated on the unpaid amount of the invoices with a minimum of 125 euro per invoice.


Each dispute concerning the closing, the validity , the interpretation or the implementation of this agreement and of the agreements derived from that, is controlled by Belgian Law and to the exclusive powers of the courts in the location of the social seat of Backoffice Europe.

12. RECHT VAN VERZAKING EN RUILING (Voor particuliere klant)

De Consument Koper kan, volgens de Belgische wet betreffende de handelspraktijken, de voorlichting en bescherming van de consument van 6 april 2010 (hierna "WMCP."), binnen veertien (14) werkdagen na aflevering van het product zonder boete en zonder opgaaf van redenen het verzakingsrecht uitoefenen. Van dit verzakingsrecht zijn uitgezonderd software, CD-roms of andere vergelijkbare producten waarvan de verzegeling (seal) verbroken is of software waarvoor een bindende productregistratie is uitgevoerd. Er is geen verzakingsrecht wanneer het product en de verpakking niet meer in originele, complete, onbeschadigde en ongebruikte staat verkeren. Tevens mag het produkt niet "op maat" voor de consument besteld zijn, noch persoonlijk van aard noch expleciet en speciaal besteld voor de consument Alle meegezonden documentatie, garantiebewijzen en verpakkingsmaterialen dienen te worden gevoegd bij de retourzending. De retourzending dient te gebeuren via dezelfde weg als de leveringof via aflevering bij Backoffice Europe BVBA Hof Ter Bollen 13 2870 Puurs. In geval hij zijn verzakingsrecht uitoefent, is de Consument Koper verplicht het ontvangen product binnen veertien (14) werkdagen na de levering hier melding van te maken bij Backoffice Europe BVBA. Het product dient vervolgens in de staat waarin de Consument Koper het product heeft ontvangen te worden geretourneerd aan Backoffice Europe BVBA, met vermelding van zijn bankrekeningnummer. De kosten voor het terugzenden van het product zijn voor rekening van de Consument Koper.