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Frequently Asked Questions

Can private persons buy at ?

Yes, Private individuals as well as companies can purchase with us. If you require a commercial invoice, then please enter your VAT number when in your registration information. If you do not have a VAT number then please leave this field blank.

How can I pay ?

You can pay in two different ways. Either by credit card or by money transfer to our bank account. After you have created your order you will be presented ith the choice to make your payment by credit card through the secured website of Ogone. This company is specialised in secure on-line transactions. If you prefer to pay by money transfer then you will find all the necessary information after you have created your order.

Is it possible to pay after reception of the invoice ?

This is possible after your third order and acceptance of your file.

Can orders be picked up ?

It is now possible to come and pick up your orders. Please note that you first have to place your order online. We do not have any products in our offices. As soon as your order is ready we will inform you that you can come and pick it up. This way we can guarantee a quick delivery of your order and you do not have to move unnecessarily. Orders are usually available 48 hours after reception of your order if the equipment is available.

Is it possible to pay cash on delivery ?

Due to abuse of this payment method we do not offer this possibility anymore.

Are credit card payments safe ?

Yes, this is very safe. All our credit card processing is done by Ogone who is specialised in the management and payment by credit card. We do not see your credit card information, we only get confirmation of payment.

Do you deliver abroad ?

Yes, we deliver in the whole European Union.

What are the delivery costs ?

Delivery cost depends from country to country. They are charged only once per order even if the delivery is made in several times. For more information on our transport costs please click here

Can orders be sent by post ?

Due to administrative and security restrictions we cannot ship orders by post.

When will the order be delivered ?

All orders placed before 12:00H will normally be delivered whitin 48 hours after reception of paiment if the equipment is in stock. Equipment that is not available will be dispatched according to the suppliers delivery date. This is just an indication like we receive it from our suppliers.

How to order ?

There are several ways you can order our products:
Order Online:
Using our shopping cart: As you browse our product pages, click the "Add this item to shopping cart." link Add to shopping cart . When you are done shopping, review the items in your shopping cart, make any necessary changes, and complete the ordering process. Our product list includes a complete alphabetical list of hardware and software.
Electronic payment via internet
You can place your orders and make a secure electronic payment via the internet using your creditcard. The transaction processing and security is hadled by Ogone.

More questions ?

If you still have questions then please don't hesitate to contact us using the feedback form