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Verbatim Data Vinyl CD-R x 10 - 700 MB - storage media
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CD-R/700MB 52xspd Vinyl Surface SC 10pk
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The ultimate in reliability and recording performance is yours with Verbatim CD-R media. These advanced discs enable you to take full advantage of today's CD-R burners. With Verbatim CD-R media, you'll enjoy error-free performance even at the highest read/write speeds. Verbatim CD-R discs also feature an advanced surface coating that protects from scratches that can damage the recording layer.
Product DescriptionVerbatim Data Vinyl CD-R x 10 - 700 MB - storage media
TypeStorage media - CD-R
Media Included Qty10
Native Capacity700 MB
Write Speed52x (max)
FeaturesSuper AZO recording dye
Package TypeSlim jewel case