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Epson LCD projector lamp
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Replacement lamp/200W f EMP-5600 7x00
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You never know when your lamp might fail, so it's smart to carry a back-up on business trips or keep a spare one at your presentation facility. This replacement lamp from Epson is a lifesaver if your bulb burns out. This durable lamp will give you hundreds of hours of excellent, crisp, clear brightness.


Product TypeLCD projector lamp
Epson projector lampEpson ELP LP34 - projector lampEpson projector lampEpson LCD projector lampEpson projector lampEpson ELP LP47 - projector lamp
Epson projector lampEpson
Epson ELP LP34 - projector lampEpson
Epson projector lampEpson
Epson LCD projector lampEpson
Epson projector lampEpson
Epson ELP LP47 - projector lamp
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